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Use These Tips For After Builders Cleaning 13 March 2015
Use These Tips For After Builders Cleaning

If your builders have left your house in a state, do something about it and get the situation sorted sooner rather than later. No one should have to put up with a house caked in dust and remnants of a building job scattered around their property. So if you’re about to attempt after builders cleaning, make sure that you’re fully prepared, equipped and kitted out with the tools and knowledge that you’ll need to embark on a successful house clean.
1.    Make a cleaning checklist.
Although your building work is likely to have taken place in a certain area of your house, no matter how well you may have tried to section off the area from the rest of the house, it’s inevitable that dust, bits of debris and other nasty surprises will find their way in and around the rest of your house. That’s why it’s a good idea for you to make a house cleaning checklist, so that you can approach each cleaning task systematically and avoid getting overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work that you’re about to get stuck into. Tick things off as and when you accomplish them and the workload will gradually reduce and get easier to handle.  
2.    Dust everything that you can to eliminate the dust for good.
Whilst you’re carrying out your builders cleaning, you’ll notice that dust travels and will cling to pretty much every surface in your house. So get this job sorted first, by starting high, dusting places such as on top of cupboards, and move down to the floor, dusting everything you can with a soft microfiber cloth. Don’t forget to dust your ceiling, walls and floors to. With a soft cloth, gently wipe down your walls from top to bottom, but don’t wipe too hard, otherwise you may scuff off some paint and create marks, leading to more work for you in the long run. Mop your floors to get rid of dust when hard floor cleaning. For truly fantastic results, use a mop and a dusting agent.
3.    Let there be light!
Give your windows a good and proper clean, inside and out, to allow light to come into your house and uplift the appearance of your rooms. Windows can be cleaned simply with a soapy water solution. Get yourself a soft cloth and wipe down your windows, making your way from the corners into the middle in a circular motion. Next, scrunch up some newspaper and give your windows a quick buff up, before rinsing off the soap suds and drying them with a clean cloth. For the best results, clean your windows on the outside as well, that’s if you can and if it’s safe to do so of course.
4.    Sweep and vacuum.
Walk around your house with a bin bag, disposing any large and obvious bits of rubbish that you come across. You should then sweep your floors; sweep from the corners of your room into the middle so that you have a nice pile which you can then easily get rid of.  After you sweep, give everything that you can a quick vacuum. Vacuum your carpets and all your hard floors and don’t forget to make use of the various attachments that come with your vacuum cleaner. You can use these to clean your upholstered furniture, curtains, and to get into all those nooks and crannies, but be prepared to vacuum again when you’ve completed the rest of your home cleaning.
5.    Call upon a cleaning company to give you a helping hand.
Make use of the various cleaning services out there and let a team of professional cleaners get to work.

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