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Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
    Arrived punctually. Very professional and performed an amazing job. Would highly recommend.  
Vicente Nesbitt20/07/2024
    Impressive service and professional results. Our dependable carpet cleaning service!  
T. Burns10/07/2024
    Another excellent experience with LondonCleaners. Remarkable!  
S. Ince20/06/2024
    The cleaning service is extraordinary, with a very thorough and professional approach.  
Victoria Hollins10/06/2024
    Over the past few years, we have relied on Cleaners London's top-notch cleaning services, provided by their exceptional and hard-working cleaners.  
W. Pratley 22/05/2024
    The admins did an excellent job in sourcing suitable candidates that met our specific requirements.  
Chris C.29/04/2024
    I am extremely satisfied with how easy it is to work with this efficient cleaning business. The cleaner they assigned to my house was experienced, hardworking, courteous and versatile.  
James Warren16/04/2024
    Amazing work ethic displayed by this hardworking and reliable crew! We are delighted with the results delivered by their top-notch cleaning services and highly recommend them!  
L. Barber27/03/2024
    Exceptional service, much appreciated! A timely call was made to inform me about her early arrival. With a kind approach, we brainstormed various choices before confirming the cost.  
Robert Lydon11/03/2024
    Thanks to the remarkable service provided by the bubbly cleaner, our carpet looked pristine and fresh after she was done with it.  
Wendy Edwards01/03/2024
    My bathroom is now shining thanks to the hard work and dedication of the cleaner.  
Beatrice D.18/02/2024
    Such a fantastic job by the workers! They showed up on time, were very polite and did an impeccable job with minimal interruption. My carpets and sofa look as good as new.  
Tiffany A.08/02/2024
    My sofa looks immaculate now, all thanks to the attentive work of the knowledgeable technician! They even educated me on proper maintenance and care for my beloved couch.  
Maria Kay29/01/2024
     London Cleaners - exceptional value for money and top-notch results. So thankful I chose them!  
Phil Willet19/01/2024
    Searching for a cleaning service that would satisfy everything asked of them had me expecting prices from LondonCleaners that weren't worth investing in. To my pleasantly surprised the fee offered was one that left me feeling comfortable and the quality of work delivered exceeded those expectations; arriving at the agreed-upon timeslot, being polite throughout and seeing through every last job meticulously.  
Babs J.03/05/2023
    I'd been looking for a good domestic cleaning service for a few months, so I was pleasantly surprised when London Cleaners turned out to be the choice I was looking for. They were quick and efficient and affordable to boot. Definitely recommended.  
    The most professional office cleaners I've ever met! Great job, LondonCleaners, keep up the good work!  
Dahlia G.31/05/2016
    End of tenancy cleaning is such an important job that I wanted to make sure it was done right. I'd had a good relationship with my landlord over the years and I didn't want to leave things on a bad note. The end of tenancy cleaning team from London Cleaners did an excellent job. They took care of everything, even deep cleaning the oven! The landlord was really pleased with the standard and I got my full deposit back!  
John Harrison10/02/2016
    Ever since I could afford it, I've been hiring private cleaning companies to keep my house just the way I like it. All businesses obviously have their good and bad points, but I'd say that Cleaners London is the best choice for anyone in the local area. The cleaners from this firm are very polite and courteous, and don't mind going out of their usual routine to accommodate for your preferences. Since I've been getting such a great service for such an incredibly low price, I've recommended this company to almost everyone I know!  
Charles M.21/12/2015
    End of tenancy cleaning is really tiring when you have spent what is most of the month picking up everything including your kids' toys and boxing them away for the new house. I just wanted to put my feet up and rest so hiring the experts from LondonCleaner was handy. They cleaned every corner of the house and I was very impressed with how my landlord felt when I handed him the keys. Would recommend.  
Silvia C.01/12/2015
    London Cleaner were my number one choice for help with my spring-cleaning and this faith was rewarded. I called them up to help with my cleaning chores and they did everything I required. I was able to book the exact support I needed and they came when it was convenient for me. Their staff worked hard to tackle washing, wiping, vacuuming, sorting, stain removals and more. After all this, they easily solidified their spot as my number one choice for professional cleaning.  
I. Sweeney18/12/2014
    When the cleaners from London Cleaner came to work for me, I expected nothing more than an average cleaning routine, like every other cleaning company, and that was good enough for me. However, the cleaners from this company surprised me with their eye for detail and dedication towards their work. It is obviously clear that they know what they are doing and they do it brilliantly. Because I have kids too, I was especially impressed that they were using such safe and eco-friendly products to clean the house. I will definitely be using them again and recommending them to all my friends.  
Melanie W.04/12/2014
    I've worked in London for years and cleaning is always done so poorly by office cleaners. They seem to just empty waste paper baskets and wash mugs (badly) and that's basically it. However my company hired London Cleaner last year and they are very different to the rest. They clean everything thoroughly each day and they are careful not to move anybody's work or belongings whilst they do it. This is a cleaning company that every business needs to employ as it does cheer you up to come to work in the morning to a very clean and tidy office.  
Gareth R.14/11/2014
    In regards to the work that London Cleaner did in my home - wow! - I'm actually amazed. It's strange for me to come across a company who send workers around so early in the morning and are actually really well worth the money! The cleaners not only cleaned the area of the lobby that I hired them for but were happy (after checking with their office) to do some more. If only there were more people like this. Ok, regardless of what type of cleaning you want done, their attitude massively impressed me!  
    We had a terrific storm here last week and you would not believe the state of the windows if you could see them right after it finally stopped raining. There was muck and grime everywhere, from the glass to the little hinges and after a few futile attempts I just threw in the towel- literally! I'd hired London Cleaner for some domestic cleaning in the past so I was sure they'd have a window cleaning service and I'm so glad I gave them a ring. I urge you to give this cleaning company a try, you have my word: you won't be disappointed!   
    So glad I used this company! I seen this program on telly about how all these tiny bugs and other stuff lives in your mattress. It freaked me out! So I decided to get a professional mattress cleaning company to clean my mattress for me because someone told me you can't do it yourself. Anyway, just to say the people who came and did the job were so professional and did such an excellent job. It's brilliant to have such a cleaner mattress you can see the difference and feel it too I think and I thoroughly recommended London Cleaner to anyone who wants their mattress cleaned professionally.  
    I was fed up of always having jobs to do and wanted to relax. I made the choice for a while to have some domestic help in the home and free some time for me to pursue other hobbies. I called a new cleaning company in my area called London Cleaner and booked a meeting. I had a guy call and access the situation and give me a quote. I was very happy with the cost so made a date. I was so very pleased with how competent the cleaners were. They did a meticulous job on my home and it looked wonderful when they had finished.  
Kandy Mengel24/07/2014
    I can't believe how great my oven looks after hiring London Cleaner for their oven cleaning service. I never write reviews but I'm honestly so, so impressed with this service that I just had to share my experience! The price quote I was given was more than reasonable and very accurate for the job itself, while my cleaner was professional, polite and easy to get along with. The job took a lot less time than I expected and there were no problems whatsoever. Every part of my oven was thoroughly scrubbed, polished and sanitised, and the results are mind-blowing! I can't see myself ever using a different cleaning company!  
Jamie Roland08/07/2014
    I had just bought a new flat but couldn't afford new carpets, so a colleague suggested I hire a professional cleaning company to deep clean the original carpet flooring that was still in my new home. London Cleaner were brilliant from my first contact, they gave me a rough idea on the cost and sorted a date. It was easy as there was no furniture in house, so the cleaners could just get straight on with the steam cleaning. The team worked really hard and you could see the results instantly. The results were amazing; the carpeted flooring looked so clean, and smelt so fresh and hygienic.  
Tanya Lyons12/06/2014
    My bedroom carpet was starting to look like it had seen better days and I had to make the choice whether to get a new one or see if I could in some way, get it restored. As I had quite affection to my old carpet, I didn't really have the heart to say goodbye. I searched my local directory for any firms who looked reputable enough to bring my carpet up to a condition that I would be happy with. My eyes were drawn to an ad from London Cleaner and so I called them. My initial reaction to the phone conversation was that they were helpful beyond belief. They sent out their guy and within a couple of hours the job was done and my faithful old carpet looked younger than me. The price was excellent and I would recommend them.  
Lisa K.26/05/2014
    In many ways, I am extremely happy to say that the cleaning team form London Cleaner that I had round the other day, were very, very good! I have rarely used cleaning companies before, and it is without a doubt that I will be using these guys a lot more often! The service was impeccable, the staff were nice to have around the house, and the price was very good indeed. In fact, I may even make them a weekly fixture, so impressed I was! I hope that all reading this will be quite as pleased with their lot as I was...  
Diana Duncan29/04/2014
    I was in charge of employing this highly talented and skilled team of cleaners in a professional capacity, cleaning a nearby nursing home. London Cleaner have worked fabulously throughout the partnership and their care and attention for their work was fantastic to see. They also conducted themselves admirably around our residents and for some and great friendships grew between the residents and the cleaners creating a fabulous environment. Could not recommend this service highly enough, and particularly to those looking for professional cleaners to work in a commercial or industrial capacity. Also offered great prices and were negotiable on large contracts.  
Ian Thomas08/04/2014
    I've had a huge number of stains which I have thrown at London Cleaner, but there has been absolutely nothing which can slow them down so far. Whatever I've had a problem with, whether it be a mark or a stain or something else entirely, they've always been on hand to ensure that all of my furniture is looking just like new. They really are the best cleaners I've ever come across, so I never hesitate to recommend them to anyone who might be struggling to get their home up to scratch. If you need cleaners, call these guys.  
    I have used a number of cleaning services in my time, but none of them have been as lovely, nor as hard working as London Cleaner. If anyone out there needs a cleaning service that will deliver an excellent job every time, whilst maintaining a rapport with you that makes it all very easy and comfortable, then you have found it in these guys. I will be using them for the foreseeable future, as long as their excellent reputation remains in place, and I recommend that anyone in the same position as me do the same, they really are incredible!  
Kristina Cross05/03/2014
    London Cleaner is a great choice if you are looking for end of tenancy cleaning services. I needed a company who could clean my apartment thoroughly on short notice. The cleaning experts are a professional cleaning company that provide top notch end of tenancy cleaning services. I needed a thorough clean to guarantee my deposit was returned. The staff at London Cleaner were able to clean my entire apartment. It looked as clean as new. I saved a lot of money as my deposit was returned. What a great job!  
Deborah M.18/02/2014
    Being a large, active family we don't really take as much care around the home as we should. It is difficult with busy jobs and young kids. While we might swing the vacuum round every few days, the carpets generally do not recover from the daily wear and tear that they have to endure. So on a tip off from a friend about a year back we gave London Cleaner a quick call to see how much a professional carpet clean would be, and we were surprised at just how affordable it was. So we booked one, and good decision. They will be coming back for a second visit soon!  
J. Dosalu30/01/2014
    What would I do without London Cleaner?! I've relied on these fantastic cleaners for a really long time now and I use their services every single chance I get! If I'm throwing a dinner party and I need a clean home then they're my first choice, and they're my fortnightly cleaners as well! This is a brilliant cleaning company and I tell all of my friends about them! Their service is one of the most unobtrusive cleaning companies I've hired, which is great for me as I work from home and don't like to be disturbed! A really affordable company that always do a great job!  
Michelle S.20/01/2014
    I'm really amazed with the service I received from London Cleaner. Not only did the friendly and helpful cleaning staff get straight to work, but they left my home looking brilliantly clean. In fact, it's never looked better! I can't believe that this amazing service is so cheap, too - I never thought I could afford a professional cleaner but now my home is the envy of everyone who comes to visit! I think more people need to know about professional house cleaning, which is exactly why I'm writing this review! Amazing service and now I'm a repeat customer.  
Kelly Gee17/12/2013
    When you see these guys at work, you will be impressed. It is quite strange to see a stranger putting a serious amount of effort into making your house sparkle, but that is what every member of staff at London Cleaner seems to do. They are great, and a number of their staff are no longer strangers in our home. Our friends recommended their services and it came at a good time because we were becoming aware that our standards were slipping. We gave them a call and haven't looked back since. Thorough professionals providing a superb service.  
The Barkleys05/12/2013
    London Cleaner have been absolutely amazing for the whole time that I have used them. I first got them in around a year ago, and since then they have been a bi-weekly fixture. In that whole time, they have never been late, never had an excuse, and only ever done a great job! The house always feels fresh, and they are really quick at their work, which means that the hourly rate is pretty affordable. I would recommend them to all looking for a friendly cleaner!  
Alana Hansbury25/11/2013
    I would love to say that I was efficient enough to do all of the housework myself, but it really isn't very realistic to expect a person to have the time to keep on top of such things. I use London Cleaner who come round every week. The price is good, the service is great, and I couldn't live without it! I hope that all reading this will understand quite how good a service they provide and will use them for their cleaning in the future.  
Gerald Read15/11/2013
    The folks over at London Cleaner are consistent life savers. As an estate agent, clients are always asking me for the best way to get their house up to a saleable condition as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Every time I have the same answer. London Cleaner. I've lost track of the amount of people I've sent their way. But the real mark of quality, I believe, is the fact that I use them in my own house. I'm very picky and after working with this company I'll never go anywhere else. Best cleaning company out there, really.  
P. Powers05/11/2013
    It's hard to pin point the exact reason why I think London Cleaner are just so much better than everyone else I've ever dealt with. I think it's a combination of all the little things adding up to make one really, really great service. The quality of customer care is unsurpassed and I never feel like any job or requirement is too big. I just give my friends at London Cleaner a call and I can relax knowing that everything is going to be fine. I talk to a lot of companies, day to day, and I just wish other industries could catch up.  
Tia J.26/10/2013
    My band have been on the road the last few months, and my girlfriend was finding it difficult to stay on top of the cleaning without my help (she works full time). I set her up with London Cleaner and she says that I don't need to come home. They're so much better than me at cleaning that it's not even funny. I've made a few flying visits home and I can honestly say I'd ever thought we'd be able to get the place in that good a shape. Can only say thanks to the guys at London Cleaner, and godspeed.   
Oliver Fallon16/10/2013
    My house has never been tidy. I try to keep things from getting too bad, but there is also random objects everywhere and dust piling up in certain spots. One day I decided this was no longer acceptable and would keep my home clean from then on, but I couldn't get things done myself. I sought the help of London Cleaner and they did everything required. Sorting, dusting, wiping, polishing and more until my home looked perfect. Thanks to them, I can now manage my less and live in an immaculate abode.  
Brendan Little06/10/2013
    I had started to let people hire my pub for parties, as it seemed like a wise businesses venture. Things were going well, but the mess left afterwards was too much. The rest of the staff and I couldn't handle it all alone, so we sought the help of London Cleaner. Ever since, cleaning has been a breeze, because with them the chore is quickly finished. Their staff are very friendly and world had to make my business ready for the next day of trade. I will utilise their service again, so that my pub is always open for business.  
R.F. Thompson26/09/2013
    I always make a point to review any service I utilise so that other people can get what they need. When it comes to Cleaners London, I have to give them five out of five. Their staff were experts in the field, able to apply the knowledge and skills to my home, making sure every inch of it is clean. They are also friendly and supportive, not to mention accommodating. I got a great experience with them and I know you will too as soon as you call.  
Quinn Jacobs16/09/2013
    My wife had been complaining about the state of our home for the longest time so I finally decided to do something about it and called London Cleaner. They sent their cleaners to our address and once they were done, the place never looked better. I want to use this reviews to thank them for everything they did, as they made our house a nicer place to be. If the wife brings up the mess again, I'll call them in an instant.  
Bob Robertson06/09/2013
     LondonCleaner are without a doubt the best cleaning service I have ever encountered. In my life, I have hired various individuals and companies to help maintain the cleanliness of my abode but none have impressed me more as these people. Their operators were helpful and ensured I go the best deal and their cleaning staff worked magic in every room of my house. There wasn't a speck of dust or any clutter once they had completed their chores and so I rate them higher than all the rest.  
Sean Stone27/08/2013
    I have very rarely done an online review before, but I couldn't pass it up this time. I want to express my sincerest gratitude to London Cleaner for all the hard work they have done for me. Keeping my home spick and span has always been something I struggled with but their support and handwork has ensured my house is never untidy. Their team work thoroughly to ensure my abode looks its best and so I want them to know how much I appreciate what they have done for my house and me.  
C. Walsh26/08/2013
    Managing an entire household is not easy. I have to look after my children, prepare meals, sort and clean clothes, go shopping and more. Sometimes things can get to be too much and the house suffers because of it. Keeping my home clean seems the least essential so it is the one I will ignore if need be. However, I stopped doing this once I found out about LondonCleaner. They were able to send a cleaner regularly who handled all the tidying chores and allowed me to get other things done. They've given me extra time and clean home and they can do it for you.  
M. Atherton23/08/2013
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