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How Will Get Your Office Looking Sparkling? 04 March 2014
How Will Get Your Office Looking Sparkling?

The office is a powerful place. You will no doubt have realized the importance of your office in terms of the way that you do business, and the way in which presentation in general can make a difference. Your office is the final representation of your company, and it is therefore no wonder that large businesses spend millions and millions on ensuring that their offices reflect who they want to be seen as. This means that clients coming in will feel confidence in the projected image, and the employees working for them will have a strong sense of the type of company that they work for. You would not hand over a legal document that was grubby and smudged, just as you should not allow your office to be anything but pristine, so it is worth looking carefully at your cleaning company choices!

The best way to find a great office cleaning company is to get a personal recommendation. This can come from others in the office building, or friends with similar businesses nearby. The recommendation means that you can skip out much of the research and get straight into talking costs and schedules, simply because you know that this team are a good one, for having given a great service to someone you know. However, some office cleaning companies may be fully booked, or unable to get to your office, and therefore you are back to square one, looking for a company elsewhere.

Looking online feels like the most obvious way to do things, but the amount of choice can be slightly overwhelming. If you have a large office, you need a well experienced company who can take on such a large job. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are talking to a well established company. Learning about whether a company is respected or not cannot just be taken from their website, as any old hack with a couple of quid can make a website proclaiming to be the best in the world. You need to look at testimonials and reviews online, to see if people are using these firms, and whether they are satisfied with the job that they do. Be aware that you need to look at the reviews as an overview, rather than focusing in on the singular testimonials. In this way, you can get a feel for how well the cleaning company do overall, and whether they are likely to give you a consistently good service whilst working for you.

Always do a trial run, and ensure that someone is in the office at all times whilst they are there, to monitor the performance of the cleaning company. If you leave them there for a few hours, then it can be hard to tell what they did in that time, and you would kick yourself if something went missing! Be sure to show the cleaning team around the office, and alert them to specifics, like machinery that needs to be treated carefully. Another important element of office cleaning is tidying in a productive way. No one wants mess around, but at the same time, no one wants their things to be moved in to places where they can’t find them easily. You will of course need to be aware of how the place looms before and after the cleaning in order to gauge how well the trial goes, and to be aware of other company’s prices so that you are sure that you are getting a good price.

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