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Essential Carpet Cleaning Methods 26 October 2013
Essential Carpet Cleaning Methods

Nowadays, full floor carpets are very common, especially in the United Kingdom. This means that the process of making them clean can have a huge impact on the way that a room looks, so it is worth giving the carpets some thought when you are cleaning your house. You may have seen adverts for carpet cleaner and seen the before and after shots, where the color has been completely changed, and presumed that this was an over the top marketing tool, but there is a certain degree of truth in it all; the dirt that amasses on plainer colors of carpet can build up very slowly and evenly, so that you do not notice the difference over time. This means that when you remove that dirt, your previous color will look particularly vibrant against the old tone! There are a few different options when it comes to ensuring that you are getting your carpet cleaning right, so it is well worth looking in to the different ways that it can be one to see that you are using the perfect method for your home and needs.

The first method is the cheapest, but in this instance, the first cut is not the deepest. Home shampooing is great because it requires no professional help. You can just scrub the shampoo in to the carpet pile, and leave it to do its magic, before vacuuming it out again. The result will look great! However, the residue that can be left behind gets very sticky, and can result in the carpet attracting new dirt more quickly, which means that you will have to clean it again! If you are looking for a quick and easy fix however, this is a great option, it’s just not very economical.

Professional help comes in two forms, the first of which is commonly known as ‘steam’ cleaning, but should really be called ‘hot water extraction’, as there is no actual steam involved in the cleaning. This process uses a machine that blasts boiling water in to the carpet pile, dissolving and removing the dirt, whilst being sucked back up almost as quickly as it is pushed out. This vigorous technique gets rid of dirt very effectively as you can likely imagine. There are still things to watch out for however, as whilst this method does require a professional with their own equipment, you need to ensure that the workman is using the best equipment possible, as a faulty extractor will leave your carpet warm and sodden, which will leave a great environment for mold and mildew to grow in. This is certainly something to watch out for, as spending a load of cash on getting your carpets revamped, and ending up having to replace them is not at all ideal, and it may be hard to pin the mold on the cleaning company.

The final and most effective method is dry cleaning. This process uses a dry compound and a small amount of solution to create a substance that attracts dirt out of the carpet pile, and immediately removes the color changes that it gives. You will no doubt find that this process is particularly expensive, and it is sometimes difficult to part with this kind of money. However the technique is very flexible, and utilizing a scrubbing brush that works the compound in to the pile will mean that you get a deep and all over clean that should leave the carpet looking just like new.

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